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President: Jonathan "Wald0" Almeida

Hey! Jonathan is in Chemical Engineering and he mains Samus. He distinctly remembers getting *DESTROYED*
the first time he came out to the events, but since it's free, he kept playing and got better! He hopes
you have a great time with the game like we do here! :)

Vice President: Karim "MILK" Noormohamed

Karim is in his 4th year of chemical engineering. Talk to him if you want to learn how to play smash.

Tournament Organizer: Spencer "Slip" Roberts

Spencer is a 3rd year Criminology major who mains Falco & Fox. He likes long walks on the beach and Joe Banning's Fox.

Stream Master: Sergio "Mr. Potatobread" Ponde Dhelomme

Sergio is a Sheik in his co-op placement between 3rd and 4th year of Mechanical Engineering

Assistant Stream Master: Eric "Laser" Lee

Eric is a third year student double majoring in Cognitive Science and Statistics.
He plays several characters, but mostly space animals!

Graphic Designer: Jonathan "Eddy Connecticut" Cheng

Jonathan is majoring in philosophy and english because he has no motivation to do anything that requires real work.
Much like this, his melee career is filled with tragedy and shortcomings because of his own laziness. Help me.

Skule Webmaster: Ethan "Negg" Akester

Ethan is the one that made everything you're looking at. He's a second year comp sci student and even
though he plays spacies he swears he's a pikachu main. Feel free to say hi to him whenever you see him!

Assistant TO: Aaron "Asriel" Curtis

Aaron is a Masters student in Electrical and Computer Engineering. He's a dreamer,
hoping his spacies will eventually break the barrier and go free.

Assistant TO: Ian "lan" Sartor

Ian is a second year ECE student who plays smash as often as he gives blurbs to put on websites.

Assistant TO: TJ "Turtle/some random vegetable" Kim

Hello. I'm secretly the best player at U of T but keep that between us.
Laser would agree :))))).