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How to Improve

We understand that getting better at this game can be really really hard, but
dont let that discourage you from trying! To help in your journey we've assembled some
links that we think will really speed up your improvement.


We classify a beginner as someone who has never really gotten involved with the
competitive scene. Someone who doesn't know what "wavedashing" or "L-canceling" are, or
has heard of them but is not sure how to perform them.


An intermediate is someone who has learned the above, and is able to perform them with
relative consitency. Ontop of this, they feel comfortable moving with their character
and are beginning to think about advanced techniques they can perform.


An advanced player is someone who is able to perform all the advanced techniques
of their character with relative ease and is now looking at the game in a more strategic
sense, thinking of things such as specific matchup knowledge and how they control the stage.


In case the above links don't scratch your specific melee knowledge itch, then be
sure to check out these other links. They're additional collections of resources compouned
by other smash players over the ages!

And just remember that if you need any more help then you can always contact anyone in the club!